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I was born and brought up in multicultural Australia. Educated in set design and arts management, I worked for many festivals in Melbourne before living in France, where, as the manager of a Latvian cultural and education centre in a large chateau in the Loire Valley, I added property management, conference organization and hotel operations to my portfolio. Having moved to Latvia in 1993, the diversity of my skill set was perfect for positions with the Soros Centre for Contemporary Art and the Latvian National Opera. Work for the Riga Convention Bureau and as Director of the Latvian Tourism Bureau in London allowed me to use my unique perspective to communicate with tourists and the media about a fascinating, newly emerging country and its people.


Living in interesting times, I observe, I make, I illustrate, write and translate.

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+371 29 228 103 /

Contact me / +371 29 228 103 /

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